Mushroom: the Compost of Champions

Mushroom compost is one of the best all 'rounder styles of mulch for gardeners. It's environmentally friendly, organic, makes use of recycled waste, and saves water.

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Reasons to Use Hardwood Mulch

This mix contains no fines — which means it will generally last longer than traditional mulches. Unlike some pine chip mulches, it will preserve its earthy tones, rather than turning black over time. 

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Hoop Pine Bark clings to sloping sites

Because of its curly structure, Hoop Pine bark is renowned for its ability to cling on to sloping terrain, its resistance to high winds, its ability to absorb and retain moisture and its longevity.

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Hardwood Mulch is a Champion in a Tree Filled Garden

Hardwood Chip mulch is a long-lasting, decorative mulch product with approximately 2.5cm sized particles. This mix contains no fines (fines are small particles that usually have a ‘soil like’ texture), which means it will generally last longer than traditional mulches. 

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How to Create a Tropical Resort-style garden

tropical landscaping

One of our favourite customers recently shared pictures of his exceptional landscaping design with us. By combining some key products, he has created a tropical style oasis which has not only enhanced the value of his property, but is now a stunning outdoor living space.

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Tree Mulch is a Low Cost Way to Spruce a Drab Garden Bed

Tree mulch is one of our most popular products for a range of reasons, none the least of which is that it is an extremely budget friendly way to fill out and spruce up a tired or drab looking garden bed.

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Tea tree mulch repels termites, sandflies & midgies

 tea tree mulch

Tea tree mulch is simply amazing. Use it to keeps the soil surface cool in hot weather & to warm up the soil in winter ...

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How to Clean Up Your Garden After the Storm

Post-storm clean-up can present some risks, depending on how much damage your garden sustained. Here are some clean-up and safety tips to help ...

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What's the Best Mulch For Your Garden?

Before you go to the effort and expense of mulching your garden beds it is important that you choose the right mulch for the job. To make this a little easier for you, here is an “at a glance” guide to our mulches.

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Tea Tree Mulch is a Brilliant Way to Lock in Moisture

Gardening after the rain is one of the most satisfying ways to get outside, get dirty, and breathe in the gorgeous freshly washed air and smell of damp soil. To make the most of brilliant rain, check off these three simple jobs that are best done as soon as possible:
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Mulch To Conserve Water

Water is a precious resource, and there is precious little of it about at the moment. It is depressingly dry, with no hint there will be rain any time soon. So it’s vital to consider ways to conserve it! These are our top 7 tips for saving water in your garden.
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Mulching Your Garden Beds is Our Top Tip After Cyclone Debbie

After our huge week of wild weather, the silver lining to some pretty scary dark clouds, is that we have had much-needed moisture. Soil feels more alive after a good soaking. 

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Hardwood Chip is a Neat, Clean Cheap Option

Hardwood chip is an affordable way to dress up your garden. It is comprised of neat, clean chips of hardwood ... especially handy for bringing a tired looking garden bed up to speed in preparation for a sale!

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Earth Grow for soil conditioning or mulch

Earth Grow is a new line we are carrying that can be used as either a soil conditioner or mulch. It is a brilliant product to help restore nutrient depleted soil.

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All About Sunshine Coast Mulch

Most people know what mulch is. But there’s a lot to know about the different types of Sunshine Coast mulch, and many tips and tricks to ensure the best results in your garden.

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Decorative Pebble Is The Perfect Mulch For Succulents

decorative pebble

Decorative pebble is a product that we love, but recommend for use as a mulch with some caution. This is because in our very hot Summer months ...

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How to choose between Sunshine Coast Mulch types

There’s a lot to know about the different types of Sunshine Coast mulch, and many tips and tricks to ensure the best results in your garden.

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Hardwood Mulch Is Great For Big Areas

hardwood mulch sunshine coast

If you have large garden beds or acreage to mulch, or you want to tidy up and mulch garden beds in investment properties, our new hardwood mulch might be just what you are looking for.

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