Finally, Some Rain! Now We Can Talk About Rain Gardens.

Hurray for the rain! And now we can talk about rain gardens, and how they can make an attractive decorative addition to your garden, as well as conserve precious water.

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Outdoor Rooms Are the Most Versatile in the House!

Are you making the most of your outdoor space? Given our beautiful, temperate climate, it makes sense to create outdoor rooms & living spaces which add value to your property, add living space to your home, & become a place where you will make happy memories with family & friends.

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The Many & Varied Uses of Decorative Pebble

Decorative pebble makes a fantastic mulch, or decorative feature in your garden, water feature, or aquarium. It is versatile, long lasting and can be a stunning design addition. The main concern is to make sure you choose the correct type for your project.
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Seven Ways Gravel Can be Used in Your Garden

Gravel is a versatile and cost effective landscaping product that can be used in a whole variety of ways. Here, we show you 7 ways to effectively use this product in your landscaping project.

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Mulch Your Garden Beds, Clean Up Your Pavers; Let Us Help You Get Christmas Ready!

The pressure is on; just one week until Christmas Day. Here are a couple of quick and easy ways to get your garden visitor ready without breaking a sweat, or the bank!

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Gift Vouchers Make a Terrific Christmas Gift for the Green Thumb or Handy Person in Your Life

Christmas Day is only two weeks away, and if you are struggling to buy the perfect gift for your favourite gardener or DIYer, we have you covered! 

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Christmas & New Year Trading Hours

As the countdown to Christmas Day begins, please note our trading hours, and get in early to order your product and arrange delivery.
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Cypress Mulch is a Fantastic Choice to Top up Your Garden Beds Before Christmas








Cypress mulch is a fragrant, long lasting, insect repelling, budget friendly mulch that is perfect for a whole range of garden applications. Applying a generous layer of mulch to your garden beds before your Christmas visitors arrive will ensure your gardens look tip top.

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Crusher Dust is the Modest Landscaping All Rounder

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Sandstone Blocks Are the Perfect, Time Tested Choice for Retaining Walls

We love to use sandstone blocks for retaining walls, for loads of different reasons. 

Depending on where the sandstone was sourced, it can also have stunning patterning through the surface, which makes is a perfect choice for design statements in your home or garden.

*Image courtesy of ODS
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Ten Tips to Ensure Your Turf Thrives

The average sized lawn produces more oxygen than the world’s largest tree, which is a pretty compelling reason to install fresh turf. 

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Why choose sandstone for landscaping

Sandstone has become the hero of home garden design, where it traditionally was mostly found in large scale commercial designs. Happily it is more available now ...

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Mushroom: the Compost of Champions

Mushroom compost is one of the best all 'rounder styles of mulch for gardeners. It's environmentally friendly, organic, makes use of recycled waste, and saves water.

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Reasons to Use Hardwood Mulch

This mix contains no fines — which means it will generally last longer than traditional mulches. Unlike some pine chip mulches, it will preserve its earthy tones, rather than turning black over time. 

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Hoop Pine Bark clings to sloping sites

Because of its curly structure, Hoop Pine bark is renowned for its ability to cling on to sloping terrain, its resistance to high winds, its ability to absorb and retain moisture and its longevity.

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Perfect Match: Black Pebble & Pavers

Sometimes on a building project, you find yourself with fiddly little "dead spots", that are a bit of a pain to try and do anything with. On this build site, the owners were in that exact position.

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Premium Blend Soil Makes Your Plants Grow Faster


As with everything in life, the success of your garden project will always come back to the initial planning and use of quality products. 

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What Veggies to Plant Now

As Spring sizzles into Summer, your vegetable planting focus must be on crops that thrive in proper heat. 

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