Bagged Kashmiri Pebble Makes a Stylish Addition to Your Landscaping Decor

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There is nothing like being able to quickly complete a small landscaping project because it has been easy to access products. Being a trade centre, much of our product is in bulk (there are all kinds of cost savings to be had by buying in bulk), but we know that our customers also like the convenience of bagged products as well.

At the moment, we have 20kg bags of the very popular Kashmiri pebbles in stock and they represent a fantastic way to get your smaller landscaping projects done quickly and with style.

Kashmiri pebbles have become extremely popular in recent years because of their versatility. They are a beautiful smooth pebble that feels pleasant underfoot and contrasts wonderfully with pavers and steppers for pathways and walkways.

The black Kashmiri pebbles have a deep glossy finish (especially when they are wet), which looks stunning in water features and even aquariums. 

They contrast so well with all different colours and textures and look spectacular in oriental/ tropical garden designs. The bagged black pebbles are available in
0-20mm, 30-50mm and 50-70mm. 

The white Kashmiri pebbles are equally as popular and look amazing in modern design settings. The snow white pebbles are a bright white rounded river pebble that will be sure to add luxury to your garden design. They are available in  20-30mm and 50-70mm sizes.

Our 20kg bags are extremely competitively priced at $25 per bag for the white pebble and $27.50 per bag for the black. Give us a call on 5453 7100 if you want to grab some bags for your next weekend landscaping project.

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