Sandstone Slabs are a Terrific All Rounder Product for Landscaping

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There are few natural landscaping products that can match the timeless appeal and beauty of sandstone. It is a product that automatically adds style and value to your landscaping project or home. 

Sandstone is a durable material, but it is also relatively soft. This means it can be sawn, cut or carved relatively simply and easily. Many people are unaware that using sandstone in your landscaping design and structures can assist to minimise erosion.  Sandstone is commonly used in retaining walls, steps, seating, for garden furniture, as feature tiles in and outdoors, sculptures, water features and more.

Architects and designers often favour sandstone because it is a stone that lasts for decades, and provides a natural warmth that becomes even more attractive with age. 

At the moment, we are running a special on our 50mm sandstone slabs. You can grab them for $130m2, normally $150m2.

Remember, sandstone is a natural product and what we have in stock will vary from the pictures on our website, which are there for indicative purposes only. 

If you are unsure about how much you need for your project, give our friendly staff a call on 5453 7100.

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