Bagged Blackwood Mulch is a Top Quality Aussie Product That Will Help Your Garden Thrive!

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Being a Trade Centre, most of our product is available in bulk. But we also know that there are many people who like to be able to ‘grab a bag’ of their favourite product to get smaller gardening jobs done.

And in recent months, many of our customers (like us), have been looking for products that are not only world class, but Australian owned. That’s not such a tall order to fill when there are companies like Rocky Point right on our doorstep.

The bagged Rocky Point Blackwood Mulch in particular, is a stellar product for so many reasons.  This beautiful, rich black mulch is made from sustainably sourced timber. Previously this product had been used as landfill, but has been ‘upcycled’ to a decorative mulch that is a sustainable, natural way to nourish and protect your garden for up to 12 months.

While the Blackwood Mulch has the same advantages as many other types of mulch, it is also environmentally friendly. At a glance, here are the key features of Blackwood Mulch:

  • Insulates soils against extreme hot or cold temperature - important for our climate here on the Sunny Coast
  • Coloured with long lasting colours to add a striking edge to your garden - it is not just functional, but decorative as well to add extra appeal to your landscaping. The colour lasts up to 12 months
  • Suppresses weed growth - perhaps one of the most important functions of mulch!
  • Breaks down slowly - you only need to reapply every 12 months or so
  • Provides a huge saving in watering costs - it locks the moisture into your soil to keep your plants hydrated and your water bills down
  • Environmentally friendly, created from recycled waste timber products - it goes without saying that this is a thumbs up, in and of itself
  • A great way to add value and quickly refresh the appearance of any home - perfect for a winter pick me up for your garden, or to add curb appeal if you are planning to sell
  • Safe for children and pets

We are stocking the 50ltr bags of Rocky Point Blackwood Mulch and you can grab a bag here

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