Time to Talk Turf

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Although we are heading into winter right now, our mild climate means that it is actually a very good time to install turf. In fact, there are some real advantages to laying turf as we head into our cooler months.

The biggest advantage to laying turf at this time of year is in fact, the cooler days. During hot, sunny summer days, the turf is inclined to dry out very quickly. This means that you also have to work quickly to get it down and water it before it is badly damaged by the sun. In winter you can afford to work at a more comfortable pace. It is still the best idea to lay your turf the same day it is delivered to give it the best chance of establishing as quickly as possible.

Hotter weather makes the ground dry out faster, so you generally need to water it more during the early establishment phase. By laying turf during winter in the cooler days, less water is required during establishment. Right now is actually a very ideal time, because we are getting excellent, regular rain and the temperature is still very mild.

One of the downsides to laying turf at this time of year is a potentially longer establishment period. In summer, a new lawn is established in roughly two weeks. However, in winter it will take about twice that amount of time to establish. Ideally, you should keep traffic off your new lawn for as long as possible, as well as avoid the first mow for as long as you can.

Winter is the season when weeds tend to thrive, so when laying new turf, it’s important to prepare the surface very well, particularly focussing on killing  existing weeds before you lay it. 

So if you are thinking a lush green lawn is exactly what your yard needs, browse our range of locally grown turf. And if you are unsure about which variety would be best for your project, give our staff a call and we can point you in the right direction.

We have free copies of Nigel Ruck’s best selling book “Loving Your Lawn” available with purchases of turf. You will get loads of tips and tricks to help your lawn thrive. This offer is available until all copies are gone.


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