Family Tree Yard Services

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After starting out with humble beginnings as a one man lawn mowing service, Darren Heaton has built a garden care business that creates and maintains beautiful gardens for his busy clients.

"I am better described as a gardener, rather than a landscaper", Darren said. "In the beginning, I built my business by taking care of people's lawns. Not just mowing and edging, but really looking after them so that at the end of a busy week, they could simply come home and enjoy them. No-one likes having to dig out bindiis and weeds on their days off! From there, the business just grew as I started to offer gardening services to my clients. I guess they were really happy with how their lawns were looking!

"I found that a lot of gardens (particularly older ones), were letting the property down. So I remove all of the old plants or trees that have become scrappy, outdated, or are no longer thriving. We grind out the stumps and remove the root mass so that we can properly prepare the soil for new plantings. Unfortunately, we see it time and time again that people spend a fortune on new plants that don't flourish because they have been planted into really degraded soil.

"We remove the old soil, and properly prepare the garden beds with fresh soil before we start planting. I always use the locally blended premium soil from Coastal, because in my opinion, it is the best on the Coast. Then we mulch the new beds properly so that the new plantings have the best chance to thrive. I guess it must work well, because we find that our clients get us back on a regular basis to maintain their new gardens and lawns.

"I try to be flexible with my clients and often, we re-design their garden in stages, which better suits their budget. Also, each new section of the garden is usually very nicely established by the time we get around to doing the next bit, so the entire garden tends not to look too bare.

"I have one client who calls me at tax time because she spends her refund cheque on her garden. My clients tell me they like to get me to do their work, because I listen to what they want. It's very rewarding to see daggy old gardens come back to life. I get to see them years after the fact because clients get me back to care for them."

Darren is kept very busy, and often has a waiting list for his services. But you can contact him on 0429 268 942 to see how he can transform your garden, or make your lawn the envy of your neighbours!

Contact: Darren Heaton, Family Tree Yard Services 0429 268 942.

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