Using Sunshine Coast Pebbles To Mulch Your Garden

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This is the perfect time of year to prepare your garden for the warmer months.

After the long dry winter, now is when you can take advantage of the recent showers and warmth and get your garden beds ready for summer.

The first step to locking in the precious moisture is to mulch. And generally, when people think mulch, they tend to automatically think 'bark'.

But have you ever considered using a decorative pebble instead?

Sunshine Coast Pebbles

Decorative pebbles are not only functional, but beautiful to look at in your garden. The advantage of using pebbles rather than a bark to mulch your garden beds is that unlike bark, pebbles do not break down over time. So you don't have to replace them every year.

Pebbles are clean, and easy to apply.

If you are planning to use pebbles as a mulch, there are a few important steps you will want to follow to get the best results and to keep those pesky weeds from over-running your garden beds.

  • Spray any weeds in the area you would like to cover.
  • Lay a good quality weed mat over the area.
  • Place the pebbles onto the area: The amount of pebble you will need depends on the size of the pebble you choose. Generally speaking, you will want a coverage of between 50mm - 100mm for best results. If you are unsure about how much product you would need, our staff are extremely happy to assist.
  • Hose the area off.
  • Sit back, relax and enjoy!
  • Pebbles can also be used purely as a design feature, and can compliment any type of architecture.
If you are renovating or preparing a property for sale, pebbles can be used to quickly and easily tidy up a tired yard and add pockets of interest.

Right now, we are running a special on our gorgeous Crushed Sandstone which is perfect for use as a mulch or a decorative feature.

Until October 31, you can buy the Crushed Sandstone for $128 per cubic metre.

Sunshine Coast Pebbles Specialists
To view this beautiful product and calculate how much you will need for your garden project click HERE

For your convenience, we also stock weed sprays and mats so you can get all of your supplies in one place. And we can have it all delivered to you the same day. Consider us your Sunshine Coast Pebbles Specialists!

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