Premium Blend Soil Makes Your Plants Grow Faster

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Watching a healthy garden grow is definitely one of the simplest pleasures in life.

And when you have spent a lot of time and energy to get your garden bed ready for planting, and then invested a great deal of money on plants, the last thing you want is to see them fail to thrive because of poor quality soil.

As with everything in life, the success of your garden project will always come back to the initial planning and use of quality products. We aim to stock and sell products that are going to give our customers exactly the type of results they are looking for.

That is why we prefer to mix our own Premium Blend soil. It means we know exactly what goes into it (and even more importantly, what doesn't).

The base of our Premium Blend soil is the highest quality screened soil. We purchase this from a regular, reliable source, so we know that the quality is very good. We mix the Premium Blend onsite to ensure consistency.

Because our soil is clean, it is extremely unlikely that there will be problems down the track with weeds, or the dreaded Nut Grass.

This means that there is less maintenance for you over time.

Sunshine Coast Garden Soil

We also use organic components in our Premium Blend soil. Rather than using synthetic fertilizers, we blend the base soil with chook manure.

This is really important.

The Ultimate Sunshine Coast Garden Soil
When plants are grown in soil which features organic material, they develop their own immunity against pests far more effectively than when they are grown in synthetic material. This means healthier, faster growing plants.

If you plant vegetables in our Premium Blend soil, they will contain a much higher nutritional value than those grown in inferior quality soil. They will also taste better; the way veggies are supposed to taste. And they will have their own inbuilt immunity to pests. So less costly and potentially harmful chemicals will be required to keep your veggie patch free from bugs and disease.

Garden Soil Sunshine Coast

And then you can sit back and enjoy your garden, instead of breaking your back trying to keep your plants healthy and growing. Too easy.

Your Sunshine Coast Garden Soil experts
You can go to Garden Soil to calculate how much Premium Blend soil you will need to get your garden bed thriving. Contact the Sunshine Coast Garden Soil experts at Coastal Landscape Supplies.

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