Tips For Choosing & Laying Pavers

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At the moment, we have a special on our Aspenstone® pavers, and there are plenty of reasons why your should consider using them in your design. These pavers have a beautiful washed stone appearance, and are available in Vanilla, Cappuccino and Buttermilk; all neutral tones that fit in with most landscaping styles. They come in a large and striking rectangular size, making them perfect for paving larger areas. The Aspenstone® range are recommended for walkways, steps, living areas and around pools. Their bull nose makes them particularly good for steps. Good news for DIYers, the Aspenstone® range offer flexible installation options, require little maintenance and most are thick enough to be laid directly on to crushed rock and sand. This saves you time and reduces costs, making it incredibly fast and easy to bring your outdoor design dream to life.

There are a few tips you should bear in mind when you are choosing and laying pavers:

  • Always look at pavers outside in the natural light.
  • Select pavers that match internal floor coverings to ensure the transition from indoor out is subtle and blends with your decorating style.
  • When paving a small space keep the design simple and use a neutral coloured, large format paver to create a sense of space. Large format pavers, such as Aspenstone® speed up the laying process. Having trouble growing grass in heavy traffic areas? Consider a paved garden path. Paved paths also help direct traffic and can reduce the amount of dirt carried into your home.
  • To make a path appear more substantial, use a stretcher bond laying pattern across the width of the path.
  • If paving a slope, it is important to start at the bottom and pave up the slope.
  • Paved areas should fall away from buildings and towards areas where run-off can be absorbed by plants.
  • Keep labour cost down by clearing the area first by removing grass and existing pavers, and potting any plants you want to keep.
  • We recommend that concrete pavers be sealed with a quality penetrating sealer following installation.
  • The Aspenstone range are 600x400x40 and are available while stocks last for $15.99.

* Image courtesy of Boral

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