How To Make A Simple Fire Pit

2 min read

We are very lucky on the Coast that our Winter weather is so mild. Still, there is something really cosy about gathering around an outdoor fire pit with friends and family that adds another dimension to outdoor living.

Gather Your Supplies:

  • 200 x 200 x 400mm sandstone dimension stone
  • Outdoor fire pit
  • Flat granite boulders 
  • Split sandstone flagging 
  • Road base 
  • Sandstone gravel or deco granite 

You'll also need: 

  • Set-out paint 
  • firewood 
  • lump hammer 
  • bolster 
  • garden mix 
  • mulch 
  • wheelbarrow 
  • rake 
  • broom 
  • shovel 
  • matches 
  • turf cutter (optional) 

These days, you can buy relatively inexpensive fire pits, then it’s simply a matter of landscaping around it. Think gravel and sandstone with granite boulders for seating, to give the space an authentic, earthy feel.

You can also use clean sawn stumps of wood or bales of straw to sit on (although you will want to make sure that bales of straw are placed well back from the fire pit for safety).

  • Step 1 Set out the area where you want to create the space and clear grass. Make sure it’s not too close to fences or overhanging trees 
  • Step 2 Position fire pit in the centre of the desired space, again ensuring it’s a safe distance from plants and other flammable materials. Using set-out paint, mark a 2m radius around fire pit. Remove pit, then remove turf. Excavate area to 100mm. 
  • Step 3 Put fire pit back in centre of area, then place granite boulders around inner edge of set-out paint circle. These boulders will be your seats. 
  • Step 4 Using set-out paint and inside edges of boulders as a guide, mark another circle – the space between the 2 circles forms the seating area. Mark another circle around fire pit about 30cm from edge. Use hammer and bolster to cut dimension stone in half. Place on set-out paint around fire pit. 
  • Step 5 Position sandstone flagging randomly in seating area. Fill inside marked areas with 70mm of road base and compact by foot. Step 6 Spread a 30mm layer of gravel over road base, using a rake and broom to spread evenly.

We stock all of the materials to make this fire pit, so give us a call on 5453 7100 to get your project underway, or go online to shop for the materials and we can deliver them out to you.

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