The Wonderful Health Benefits of Gardening

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It seems that it is impossible to escape the daily drama unfolding around the coronavirus. Everyone is talking about it, and it is something we all must play our part in preventing the spread of, as much as we can.

We have decided to look at the situation in a different, more positive way. Certainly, it is scary (especially if you are someone who may be more vulnerable to it). But we can see a very good opportunity to 'unplug' from the situation, to a degree, by treating yourself to one of life's simplest and healthiest pleasures; gardening.

If you are self isolating, or just staying away from crowds to a greater degree, spending time outdoors and in your garden can deliver you some surprising health benefits. 

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Depending on the size of your garden, maintaining it is a great way to be physically active. This could be as strenuous as mowing the lawn, or as gentle as getting a good stretch and practice stabilising yourself while kneeling, sitting or reaching.  

In fact, gardening is a recommended activity as it can encourage the use of many motor skills, improve endurance and strength and keep you moving. All of these things are beneficial to your immune system.

With the rampages in our supermarkets to stockpile food, it could be timely to consider planting your own veggies. If you have a picky eater at your dinner table, get them involved in growing veggies. Watching the plants sprout and grow and waiting until fruit and veggies are ripe and ready to eat can help build their enthusiasm and excitement about healthy foods.

The effect works on everyone, not just those with hard-to-please tastes. Growing your own fruit, vegetables and herbs will encourage you to eat seasonally, add more variety to your diet, encourage you to prepare homemade healthy dishes and learn to appreciate fresh produce. It is also easier on the pocket. 

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 Different fruits and vegetables are “in-season” at different times throughout the year. For example, asparagus and apricots grow in spring and summer, while Brussels sprouts get going in winter. Eating seasonally can keep healthy eating exciting by encouraging you to try new recipes using in-season produce. The key to successful vegetable growing, is to use top quality soil. Our premium blend soil is perfect for this job, as it is loaded with all the nutrients vegetables need to thrive.

Gardening is also a great way to relax, providing opportunities to still the mind and get away from the busyness of everyday life. There is even evidence to suggest that gardening can help ease symptoms of mental illnesses like depression and anxiety.  

Self isolation offers a wonderful opportunity to get the whole family involved in the garden. It’s a great way to spend some time away from screens (especially the scary 24 hour news cycle), and to-do lists, and engage with nature. From repetitive tasks like weeding that provide opportunity for meditation, to practising patience while waiting for plants to grow, gardening is a great exercise for your mind as well as your body.

Even simple landscaping jobs like paving or mulching can bring so much reward, and you don't have to be a professional to do it, and get fantastic results.

Gardening doesn’t have to be an outdoor activity – there are many varieties of plants that can be grown inside, too. As well as making rooms look nice, indoor plants can help improve air quality in enclosed spaces. Again, the best quality soil is key to the success of your efforts.

The great news is that you can order and pay for all of our products online, and have them delivered. You can stay safe for the duration of this crazy time, and as a bonus, enjoy the health benefits of gardening.

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