Outdoor Rooms Are the Most Versatile in the House!

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Thanks to our stunning climate here on the Sunshine Coast, the popularity of the outdoor room is on the rise. The outdoor room has the potential to be the most versatile room in your house & for a variety of reasons, here's why you should invest in your backyard:

1. Multiply your living space
By adding outdoor dining & lounge furniture, you create additional living zones, which can be a far more cost effective way to claw back living space in your existing property, rather than building on to the home, or moving house.

2. Create a safe environment
Outdoor family rooms provide families with a safe environment for play & for families to reconnect. A well designed & maintained outdoor room is the perfect space for bringing families together with all the comforts of the indoors, outside. 

3. Increase the value of your property
Property sales research has shown that spending 5% of your home’s value on quality, low maintenance landscaping could increase the resale value of your home by up to 15%. It can also increase the speed of resale by as much as six weeks.

4. Health benefits
Spending time in nature has been linked to improved attention spans, boosts in serotonin & shows increased activity in the parts of the brain responsible for empathy, emotional stability & love. Just 30 minutes in the sun can provide nearly a day’s supply of vitamin D through skin absorption.

 Follow these top tips to make your outdoor space amazing:

Paving is the foundation for a great outdoor room. It sets the theme for the whole space & can determine the look, feel, colour palette & much more. Coloured concrete pavers can completely transform the look & feel of any space. Adbri Masonry has a fantastic range of pavers that can be adapted to virtually any design. The opportunities to create a big impact in a small area with paving are only limited by your imagination.

         *Pic courtesy of www.lifestyle.com.au

The addition of timber decking to an outdoor living room or landscaping design creates a beautiful, earthy warmth to the look & feel of the space. The great thing about timber decking is that it can be oiled on a regular basis, to retain those warm natural tones that suit a tropical/ balinese/ modern design, or left to age and go grey, which looks beautiful in a cottage garden or Hamptons style of design.

            *Pic courtesy of  www.fieltro.net

Water feature
Introducing a water feature to the outdoor room can greatly enhance the appeal of your outdoor living space. Water features can also serve a functional purpose such as blocking out noise from traffic or neighbours & add a peaceful ambiance to the garden. If you introduce fish to your water feature, they will do a wonderful job of eating mosquito larvae as well. A stone feature wall can add texture & contrast, giving your water feature maximum impact.

                  *Pic courtesy of www.redecorationroom.com

The design & construction of your outdoor living room can be as sophisticated or simple, expensive or cost effective as you like. If you do not have the skill set, experience or time to plan and construct your own outdoor living room, check out some of our Trade Partners. These guys can give you the right advice to help you bring your dream outdoor living room to life.

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