Garden Mulch, Mary River Pebble, Premium Soil & Pavers ... Transform Your Garden in a Day

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Not every garden project has to be big, time consuming, complicated or expensive. In fact, some of the most effective transformations take place in a small space, in as little as a day. All it takes is imagination, elbow grease and the right products.

Often, it is a great idea to break your yard down into zones or sections, and rather than overwhelm yourself by trying to get it all done at once, just work to complete a small section at a time. This is particularly the case if you are doing the work yourself.

These pictures show a walkway at the entrance to a property that had previously been covered in very old, grey bricks. Weeds were a problem, and there was no defined path or entry way to the front door.

The old, tired pavers were removed, and a layer of deco granite applied. Quadro Smooth pavers in charcoal, were placed at an easy stepping distance along the pathway. It is important that pavers are not placed too far apart, as it makes them to uncomfortable to walk on them. 

Between and around the pavers, a generous layer (10cm) of a combination of 10 -12mm Mary River Pebble and 20 - 25mm Mary River Pebble was put down. Mary River pebble is a beautiful pebble that has a smooth, tumbled surface that is comfortable to walk on, and contains a variety of colours from charcoals, to golds, pinks and reds. This makes it incredibly versatile as a decorative product because it combines so well with almost any design and amongst plants.

Two sizes were used so that the smaller pebbles would neatly fill any gaps between the larger stones and the pavers. If you want to ensure that weeds don't grow amongst your pebble, it is important that you lay down a layer that is thick enough that the sun does not reach the soil, because this is what causes the weeds to grow.

The garden beds were thoroughly weeded (this is super easy after the rain - the weeds pull straight out), and the soil was turned. In this case, because the owners wanted to transplants cuttings from pots and other areas of the garden, premium blend soil was added to the bed, and turned through it. They chose our premium blend because it is a premium blend of loam, manure and compost, which makes it ideal for vegetable gardens, shrubs, ornamental plants and annuals. It gives anything planted in it the optimum chance to thrive.

To finish the garden beds, a very generous layer (10 - 12cm), of hardwood bark was applied. The owners chose hardwood bark for this particular garden bed because it is a fairly coarse graded hardwood mulch that holds well on slopes, and cost wise, is ideal for mulching large garden beds. It also has excellent water retention and weed suppression properties. Again, mulches are most effective at keeping the weeds at bay if they are applied in a thick enough layer that sunlight is prevented from reaching the soil.

Finally, the potted plants in the front entrance of the house needed some love. Many were pot bound, and the larger pots had lost a lot of soil through the drainage holes in the base. Premium blend soil (which is currently on sale), was used to top up the pots, and to plant fresh cuttings. 

You can see that happy, healthy plants are the result of refreshing the soil.

The owners of this property had a strict budget, and ideas about how they could spruce up the entrance to their home. They called and spoke to our staff about which products would be best to complete their project, and you can see how effectively it all came together. And all of it was done by two people, on a rainy day!

So don't let the wet weather put you off. Give us a call on 5453 7100 and we can help you get the right products together for your project. You'll be amazed at what you can achieve on a small budget, in a short time frame! 

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