Let Stone Age Creations help, indoors or out

Stone Age Creations

Stonemason, Chris Heath of Stone Age Creations is a passionate advocate of designing and constructing unique home and garden structures and features using beautiful natural and recycled materials. 

“Many of my clients have very definite ideas about how they want their home or outdoor living area to be, and this type of innovative niche work is what I enjoy the most. 

“Primarily, I design and create “spaces” for my clients to enjoy with their family and build lifetime memories in.

“Structural soundness is paramount, especially when you are working with rock, but that does not mean you cannot be creative and bring individual touches to the design. Right now, I am working on an outdoor bathroom for a client, which features stunning crystals embedded in the rock walls. I am loving this project, because at the end of the day, my client will have something completely unique and meaningful to them.

“I find that I build a lot of ovens and fire pits, and again, this is something that I love to work on.”

“Bringing people together, outside, to make and share simple wholesome food cooked over the fire is what it is all about.”

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